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We build and develop conversion-optimised Shopify stores that break through revenue plateaus and outshine competitors.

Delegate development

Does your development board look like this?

Or worse...
you don't have one?

We'll help you get your store's development on track, unlocking even more growth potential for your business ...

Shopify development

You have clearly defined, ready-designed features / customisations that you want to have implemented.

We work out a development concept for you at a fixed price so that you can optimise your store in a plannable and risk-free way.

Complete Theme Upgrade to OS 2.0

Why is that interesting?

- Theme changes are constantly over-time and over-budget
- You often have revenue-killing bugs & things happening "for unexplained reasons"
- Things have been "tricked" and you have weird layout shifts
- Features are missing
- Your store is already 1-2 years old and you haven't been on the latest version of your theme for a long time
- Poor pagespeed

Our solution

We set up your theme from scratch with a clear documentation and rebuild the previously implemented features.

In this way, we ensure that everything that "works" remains and that we have the possibility to make changes much more easily and predictably after the upgrade.
Shop migration to Shopify
We migrate your store, your ERP system and all your customer data to the future-proof Shopify platform.
Technical implementation of A/B tests
We implement your hypotheses & designs in a fully A/B/n testable way.
Optionally, we also configure the test in Google Optimize.
Analytics & Tracking Full-Service
We configure tracking tools, advise you on the use of analytics and build you clear dashboards that display information from multiple sources.
We cover all common tools and can also develop custom connections to other software.


Take the first step to a better online shop today.

We invite you to a free initial consultation where we spend 30 minutes helping you improve your store.
  • You get concrete, applicable solutions for your current problems
  • We create a roadmap for your shop development

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